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Podmínky zrušení účasti na Interski 2023 Levi

Hello Dear Participants of Interski 2023, We have heard that there has been some talk about the congress package bookings and the terms and conditions. We would like to explain to you the grounds for such rules:

  • Cancellation fee of 100€/person until 31.10.2022 This is only to be fair and offer the booking possibility equally for everyone / all nations. If we’d allow bookings without cancellation fee, this had likely led to situations where some nation would have books rooms “just in case” and thus block others to have preferred accommodation. This might have ended up last minute cancellations and unsold rooms for the accommodation companies. With a cancellation fee, we believe nations will calculate the number of participants to correspond the real number that will participate the event.

  • Cancellation fee 100% of congress package price starting from 1.11.2022 We have booked most of the accommodations in 2018 before the bid in Pamporovo and kept them booked for all these years for Interski 2023. As it is a big event most hotel/accommodation capacity is now locked in one event, and therefore the accommodation providers have really strict cancellation rules. We are liable to start paying to these providers according to these contracts. The end of March is a peak season for Levi and there is a lot of demand. The hotels could have easily sold all their rooms to other clients, instead they have chosen to contribute to this great event and keep the rooms booked for us.

  • Cancellation policy in case of Covid-19 Covid-19 is not considered a force majeure case in Finland anymore and thus normal terms of cancellation apply. We recommend all travellers to have a travel insurance that would cover travel cancellations and possible additional costs due to any changes in travel plans.

  • Cancellation policy in case of force majeure/we would need to cancel the congress In such an unfortunate case if we would need to cancel the event (starting from 1.11.2022) due to circumstances not in our control, we will keep any costs we have needed to pay to third parties and cannot get reimbursed. The rest of the package price paid will be refunded. We will do our utmost to pay all the refunds we can for you.

  • Name change Please note that you can change and update all details, including attendant’s name, until 15.1.2023. You can do the change independently from the registration system. If you wish to change a participant’s name after 15.1.2023, we kindly ask you to contact us directly via email and we’ll try our best to arrange the possibility for the change.

Invoicing fee of 10€ is standard procedure in Finland as there is manual labour for every invoice. All other payment methods (e.g. credit card) in the system do not have fees. Our booking terms and conditions can be found on Interski webpage: We trust that everybody will understand our grounds on these issues. If you have any questions or difficulty to book abiding by these rules, please contact us LOC Levi at We are very happy to see that many of you have already done successful bookings – there are already 22 guest nations and almost 900 participating member, plus 200 hosts from Finland. We would like to make this an amazing event for everyone and we can surely find a way to help out with the booking process if needed. So if you need more time for the payments or have any difficulty to book, please let us know and contact us directly. We hope everyone has a great end of the summer and if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards, Team Interski

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